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1951: Bikinis, perhaps seen as an unfair advantage to the wearer (and as potentially dangerous to the health of some judges) are banned from beauty pageants after the Miss World Contest. The tasteful one-piece reigns supreme.

Today, the choices of fabric colors for mainstream bathing suits are diverse and range from very warm pastels to very hot color palettes. Bright whiter whites combined with tropical floral prints, color splashes - some with overprints of silver or gold foil - that will catch the sun's rays and make the mainstream bathing suits wearer sparkle like the water. Sueded look animals prints will provide a very sensual look at the pool side. There will be mainstream bathing suits insolid neutrals with gold and silver details to make a glamorous resort statement.

Creating a line of mainstream bathing suits is the ultimate fashion challenge for any designer. Just a minimum amount of fabric is expected to make the customer appear to have a curvaceous bosom, small waist, hips in proportion, a long torso supported with long legs. To achieve this, the components of mainstream bathing suits design - silhouette, line, texture, and details - are manipulated and juggled until a pleasing and desired effect is achieved. Then fiber, fabric, and color selections of the mainstream bathing suits have to be made.

1951: Bikinis, perhaps seen as an unfair advantage to the wearer (and as potentially dangerous to the health of some judges) are banned from beauty pageants after the Miss World Contest. The tasteful one-piece reigns supreme.

Additonal Information for mainstream bathing suits.
Users need to spend time when selecting a bathing suit so they get good fits. Usually, it is recommended that a suit be one size larger than street apparel for ultimate comfort and flexibility. There are advantages in buying a two-piece suit, because you can usually purchase the pieces separately to create a customized (mix & matched) suit complete with choices of continuous under-wires, push up pads or thin molded cups. If you find one that really fits and looks well, buy two or three of them in different colors. Misses is a size range from 6 to 18 and sometimes including 20-22 for women approximately 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 7 inches. The look is defined by a figure that is fully developed and well proportioned in all areas of the body. The hips are approximately two inches larger than the bust. A typical size 8 would have a 32-1/2 - 33" bosom, 23-1/2" waist and 34-1/2 - 35" hips.

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