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"Bikinis", "monokinis", and "thongs", are for the very young, the very fit and the very brave.

Today, the choices of fabric colors for push-up bra are diverse and range from very warm pastels to very hot color palettes. Bright whiter whites combined with tropical floral prints, color splashes - some with overprints of silver or gold foil - that will catch the sun's rays and make the push-up bra wearer sparkle like the water. Sueded look animals prints will provide a very sensual look at the pool side. There will be push-up bra insolid neutrals with gold and silver details to make a glamorous resort statement.

Creating a line of push-up bra is the ultimate fashion challenge for any designer. Just a minimum amount of fabric is expected to make the customer appear to have a curvaceous bosom, small waist, hips in proportion, a long torso supported with long legs. To achieve this, the components of push-up bra design - silhouette, line, texture, and details - are manipulated and juggled until a pleasing and desired effect is achieved. Then fiber, fabric, and color selections of the push-up bra have to be made.

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The world took notice. In Catholic countries - Spain, Portugal, and Italy - The bikini was banned. Decency leagues pressured Hollywood to keep it out of the movies. One writer said it's a "two piece bathing which reveals everything about a girl except for her mothers maiden name." Movie star Esther Williams who probably was seen in a two piece bathing suit by more people than anyone in the world, once said: "A bikini is a thoughtless act".

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