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1946: An explosive year. Bikini Atoll becomes no Bikini at all. In Paris, engineer Louis Reard quietly unveils a swimsuit of the same name. The world yawns.

Today, the choices of fabric colors for

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are diverse and range from very warm pastels to very hot color palettes. Bright whiter whites combined with tropical floral prints, color splashes - some with overprints of silver or gold foil - that will catch the sun's rays and make the

sexy swimware

wearer sparkle like the water. Sueded look animals prints will provide a very sensual look at the pool side. There will besexy swimware insolid neutrals with gold and silver details to make a glamorous resort statement.

Creating a line of sexy swimware is the ultimate fashion challenge for any designer. Just a minimum amount of fabric is expected to make the customer appear to have a curvaceous bosom, small waist, hips in proportion, a long torso supported with long legs. To achieve this, the components of design - silhouette, line, texture, and details - are manipulated and juggled until a pleasing and desired effect is achieved. Then fiber, fabric, and color selections of the have to be made.

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Beginning with the arrest of Australian swimmer Annette Kellermen for appearing in her one piece bathing suit in 1907, the androgynous swimsuits styles of the suffragette era, the cross promotion tactics of swimsuit companies and Hollywood studios which resulted in the popular "pin-up", the 1950's swimsuit which accentuated the more "motherly" feminine form, the bikini's introduction at the forefront of the sexual revolution, and the public outcry over the topless bathing suit - all point to the role swimwear has played in society. Now the question is, what to do with the swimsuit of the future and the ever-present challenge of having to do more with even less.

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